Lights should be wired to switch through a relay with a maximum of 2 lights per relay, up to 12" bars, and a light per relay for larger, for optimum durability and performance. Each relay should be wired as follows:

Wiring Instruction

86 - 12V+ trigger switch

85 - chassis group

30 - from battery(minimum gauge is 14 for 2 lights)

87 - + wire on lights (max 2 lights per relay pack) 

Duplicate relay packs can be wired for additional lights. Switch trigger can be jumped from relay to relay.

Remaining negative wire on light should be chassis grounded; making sure grounding surface is cleaned down to metal, using a stainless steel bolt to secure grounding ring.

* Installation of LED lighting is reasonably straight forward and can be achieved by most people with a little bit of DIY skill. However if you are unsure how to safely wire the unit up so no damage is done to the light and/or the vehicle, we strongly suggest you seek assistance from a qualified a person.

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